Turnaround Resource Center

Contact Email: turnaroundrc@gmail.com

Website: http://Uturnrc.com

Organization Address:
11980 S Preston Hwy
Lebanon Junction, Ky 40150

Contact Phone: 502-488-5046

About This Organization: The Turnaround Resource Center was established in September 2017 to assist any one who enters the building with information on how to get out of the current situation. We are the information station. We have two slogans we like to use. “ Helping Uturn your life around” and “Your current situation is not your final destination”. No one is turned away you just have to ask the questions we are open Monday- Friday 10am -4pm we serve free meals on Monday and Friday beginning at 12 noon and we go until we run out. Everyone is invited and donations are accepted by not expected. We have assisted over 100 families with emergency food baskets and help with jobs. There is nothing to hard unless you don’t try .

Keywords to Describe the Organization (1-10 words so people can search for you): Help, resources, information, food, notary, awareness, Christian operated